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Realisation, beginnings and hope.

At this time of the year I like to take stock of what has been and what is to be.

Over the weekend I went back to my book of ideas and aspirations. I have had these kinds of books for years. The most recent one was started in 2010.

  1. Realisation: As I leafed through the pages I was surprised to find that a lot of what I wrote down has come true – in some cases more than I imagined.
  2. Beginnings: I also noticed aspirations which today are still seedlings. I was excited that they had grown from pen on paper to seedlings.
  3. Hope: And then I realised the third category. The ideas and aspirations that were still on paper. They filled me with hope. Hope that there was so much more to do and could be done.

I share this with you because whether we are young or old, I believe we must write down our visions, hopes and dreams. Noting them gives us clarity. Noting them places them firmly in our subconscious. Noting them is the first step to praying about them.

Then everything around us with conspire to bring them to life.

In time, we will look back on them with gratitude. We will be reminded that the challenges were worth it.


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