Vision of The Bold New Normal

The materialisation of a bold new Africa where self-actualisation and prosperity are possible because the right opportunities are created for all to thrive and not merely survive.

It is a new normal because it will mean that mindsets have shifted, and the current status quo for Africa is no longer accepted. It is bold because it will require a fundamental shift in how we view ourselves and each other collectively. It is a place where each person has a real opportunity to realize their potential. It is an Africa where we are proud of what we see around us every day!

The bold new normal Africa is food secure; no one goes to bed hungry. She delivers high quality education to all children. High quality healthcare covers everyone in a combination of traditional and western medicine. Industries are thriving and Africans prefer their own goods and services so every adult able to work is gainfully employed.

It is the Africa where countries trade with each other and stand together as a collective block with the strength to articulate what is in its interest.

In this Africa there are no street children. All children are happily enjoying their childhood. The disadvantaged in society receive justice: fair support and care.

The societies have transparent accountable inclusive leaders who empathetically prioritize the needs of the people and thus set an example for all citizens to emulate. They serve with love and humility.

Lucy Quist’s vision of The Bold New Normal Conference is centred on engaging changemakers across the world to lead the charge in taking action to create equitable prosperity.

Lucy is embarking on the third annual Bold New Normal Conference. The conference is the foremost platform for changemakers to gather and engage in bold conversations about their lives, communities, countries and continent.

The conference will continue to actively participate in shaping conversations and co-creating an economically empowered continent that supports the ambitions of its people.

Our pledge for this conference is to each create an action plan and start taking action in order to create our own prosperity.


Transforming Mindsets, Creating Leaders of Prosperity!


Lucy Quist
Author & Founder – The Bold New Normal


Hillary Andoh


David Ofosu- Dorte
Senior Partner, AB & David Africa.

Kojo Akoto Boateng
Agribusiness Consultant, Aya Sustainable Technologies


Luigi Maclean
Gospel Artiste

What You Missed at the Last Conference:


  • I was privileged to be part of the few that made it in person to The Bold New Normal (TBNN) Conference organized by Lucy Quist. She’s a lady I admire so much and having the opportunity to be in the same room with her during the conference would have done it for me but that’s not all. I enjoyed every session and had some key takeaways but my favourite was the Masterclass session because we made some life-altering decisions during this session. In the first place, I’m glad the book in which I made these notes is not dusty but more importantly I’m glad that I’m taking consistent steps towards achieving this. It may not happen as fast as you want it but I’m a great believer of consistency. Thanks, Lucy for this program and to all the keynote speakers too.

    Susana Atsu Kwakye Data Specialist at Cargill
  • I signed up for the maiden TBNN conference with so much anticipation, and I was floored when I attended. The speakers literally opened floodgates of inspiration. One thing I took to my new drinks business is to be effective in my operations to boost productivity. I have since outsourced hectic tasks to competent people to make better use of my time. Additionally, as the Programmes Coordinator at Leading Ladies Network, I gleaned that I needed to reframe my work as my contribution to making Ghana and Africa prosperous, as I worked towards providing leadership coaching/mentoring to women and girls. My idea of authenticity was further sharpened as Ms Fatou (MD of Vlisco Ghana) took to the podium. I recall her stressing that one's professional achievements must be in sync with one's personal values. I am now more focused on not putting out a false self - personally or professionally. I strive to live out the values of service, compassion and equity, every day, everywhere. As a first-time mom, I aim all the more to leave a better world for my daughter and her generation. Ow, and I fell in love with Ghana and Africa, afresh! I also got a clearer outlook for another business idea I've been nursing.

    Esther Chachu CEO of a SME, Mother and Programs Coordinator for Leading Ladies Network



Registration   8:00am   8:30am
Opening Prayer    8:30am   8:35am
Opening  Remarks    8:35am   8:40am
Opening Performance    8:40am  8:50am
Welcome Address 8:50am   9:05am
Panel Discussion   9:05am   9:35am
Q&A 9:35am   10:00am
Fireside Discussion 10:00am   10:30am
Q&A 10:30am   10:40am

Tea Break



Interlude 11:00am 11:10am
Leadership Spotlight 11:10am  11:40am
Q&A 11:40am  12:10pm
Leadership Spotlight 12:10pm  12:40pm
Q&A 12:40pm  13:10pm
Master Class – 1 13:10pm  13:30pm

Brunch / Lunch Break



Interlude and Lunch Breaker    14:30pm 14:40pm
Master Class – 2    14:40pm 15:30pm
Q&A    15:30pm 16:00pm
Closing Remarks &
Call to Action
   16:00pm 16:15pm

Networking Time  16:15pm – 18:00pm

Hangout + Book Signing

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