International business leader and author of the book, The Bold New Normal, Lucy Quist has been selected to moderate the UK Africa summit scheduled for Monday 20th January 2020 in London.

The summit, to be hosted by the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, will be the biggest gathering of African leaders, businesses, entrepreneurs, international finance institutions poised to foster partnerships, boost investment and pursue shared prosperity.

The Summit will be attended by Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo and 20 other Presidents and Heads of States from the continent.

Lucy Quist, a Managing Director at Investment firm Morgan Stanley, will anchor this historic Summit and drive the conversation among others on policies that drive sustainable growth and economic development for the Africa. She’s expected to challenge the continent’s leaders to drive a bold new normal agenda on trade, investment, job creation and shared prosperity.

In a short video released on her Facebook page Friday morning, Lucy Quist said “I am really excited to be moderating the UK Africa Investment Summit. First of all, on a personal level, it sort of represents the bridge that I am, between the UK and Africa. But also because it [the summit] is the coming together [of leaders across the continent and the UK], to build new relationships and foster new investments that should create prosperity on both sides”.

“I think this summit will unlock many opportunities for young tech entrepreneurs on the African continent, first of all because we will be showcasing [quite] a number to give them the needed visibility on the global stage. We will bring their stories home to businesses in the UK and hopefully they will establish partnerships that will allow them to grow and scale”.

For Ghana, the summit will provide a platform to secure investment opportunities, more exports, jobs and economic growth that benefit both Ghanaian and British businesses.

Speaking at a press briefing ahead of the summit, the UK High Commissioner to Ghana, Mr. Iain Walker, said the summit will seek to change the narrative and position Ghana and Africa as investment destinations.

He said “We want to be leading the way in this dialogue and I think we have to change the narrative of what Africa is as a continent, and how we can help tell the story of Ghana in a different way.

“Too often, the stories that come from Africa in the western media focuses on poverty, governance and security. While these things are undoubtedly real challenges, the true story of Ghana is one of aspiration and ambition and we want to make sure the Africa Investment Summit tells that story and to ensure that when people think of where they want to invest in, they will think of Ghana and Africa”.