Being Still!

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Sometimes in life being still is absolutely what we need to do.

If you are an extrovert like me that can be easier said than done. One of the ways in which I have learnt to be more still when needed is to observe and learn from introverts. I know many and I admire their quiet strength.

When all around you seems chaotic and everything seems blown up in the air at the same time, stillness is a best friend.

  1. FOCUS – not on what is being stirred around you but on the present. Pay more attention to routine and mundane daily tasks. They help keep you grounded in knowing that caring about today is your greatest way of dealing with tomorrow.
  2. RELAX – most storms around us involve being anxious about the outcome of current events or the possibility of future events. But how does anxiety help? Rest more if you need to.
  3. TRUST – wherever you are today you have come a long way from where you were. Trust that the journey ahead is going to be even better than how far you have already come.
  4. LEARN – stillness helps us learn the lessons our experiences present us with. I suspect that Moses was a man of stillness. That stillness is probably what gave him strength to lead a people that grumbled at every opportunity despite past victories.
  5. GROW – don’t lose the lessons of the period. Let them become part of your story of growth as a leader.

Let us consciously realise our potential together.

eparetodevBeing Still!

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