THE BOLD NEW NORMAL IN CAREER – A millennial interaction at AIA

The next destination for The Bold New Normal Tour was the Africa Internship Academy, a self-sustaining social enterprise that prepares students and connects leading African employers with diverse qualified talents. Lucy Quist’s interaction, this time focused on building sustainably successful careers by Africa’s millennials in Africa.

Lucy Quist touched on the areas of technology, globalization and consistent self-improvement as crucial elements that will enable young Africans to make a positive impact at all levels. She highlighted the trends in global and local employment and encouraged young people to appreciate the changes taking place as they plan their careers. She said,

“You live in a connected world where your competition is not the guy sitting next to you, for you the human factor or your competition could be someone sitting in Canada, the UK or Australia. The human factor is bridged and access to a job is no longer dependent on location. Increasingly you will find people who are able to do your job remotely. That is a real fact and challenge which means over time your career will face competitive pressure that is not local”.

“Some of the jobs we have today will be eroded, sometimes by technology but mostly by someone else who has found a more efficient way of doing and delivering it over the internet. Globally, people are paying attention to trends including skill sets required for jobs in Africa in the next decade. You cannot afford to be left out of this conversation. As young people, you need to position yourselves to take advantage of the current and future opportunities by staying relevant and informed.”

Leslie Addae, co-founder of the Africa Internship Academy – the hosting organisation for the event commented on the talk saying, “Having Lucy at the Internship House to speak on Careers with our fellows was a good opportunity for our fellows to have a better appreciation of the skill set they need to succeed in the work place.”

The Bold New Normal is about creating prosperous outcomes for people. The Bold New Normal Tour is a series of interactive sessions focusing on empowering young entrepreneurial minds to take bold steps away from the norm and to create prosperity for themselves, their country and for Africa.

The events under this tour will be held at key locations where Lucy Quist can meet and interact with young entrepreneurial minds.

Visit here to see when and where the next events will be taking place.

Watch the session here:

THE BOLD NEW NORMAL – Creating Sustainably Successful Careers

Live from the Africa Internship Academy, Accra Ghana.This event at the Africa Internship Academy focusses on creating sustainably successful CAREERS. I am embarking on a series of engagements with young ambitious minds. My interactions focus on creating new visions and taking bold steps towards Africa’s prosperity; I call this the Bold New Normal. My discussions cover business, career, work, leadership, entrepreneurship and are tailored to suit the unique needs of my audience. The Bold New Normal is based on her TedxEuston Talk in 2016

Publiée par Lucy Quist sur Vendredi 7 juillet 2017

eparetodevTHE BOLD NEW NORMAL IN CAREER – A millennial interaction at AIA

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