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A very happy fathers’ day to all fathers. My wish is a day late but well meant. Yesterday as we celebrated fathers I reflected on parenthood and childhood.

Our experiences vary but it is safe to say every parent (adult) has experienced childhood.
Every child is learning parenthood from someone (parent, guardian etc) as part of their childhood experiences.

So what did we experience as children that we liked? What would we have preferred to have happened in situations that we did not like? Would you like to share your thoughts with us?

As parents, how are the lessons of our childhood shaping our approach to parenthood?

Being a parent is a great leadership responsibility. Our children learn what we tell them and try to comply. But more importantly they learn what we do and inadvertently do it too!

How do we want the children in our lives to turn out? Would we like them to be like us? If yes, the let’s show them more of who we are and what we do. If not, perhaps we have some work to do to become the people we want our children to follow.

Let our leadership reflect in all facets of our lives by leading by example.


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