Esther Chachu

I signed up for the maiden TBNN conference with so much anticipation, and I was floored when I attended. The speakers literally opened floodgates of inspiration.

One thing I took to my new drinks business is to be effective in my operations to boost productivity. I have since outsourced hectic tasks to competent people to make better use of my time. Additionally, as the Programmes Coordinator at Leading Ladies Network, I gleaned that I needed to reframe my work as my contribution to making Ghana and Africa prosperous, as I worked towards providing leadership coaching/mentoring to women and girls.

My idea of authenticity was further sharpened as Ms Fatou (MD of Vlisco Ghana) took to the podium. I recall her stressing that one’s professional achievements must be in sync with one’s personal values. I am now more focused on not putting out a false self – personally or professionally. I strive to live out the values of service, compassion and equity, every day, everywhere.

As a first-time mom, I aim all the more to leave a better world for my daughter and her generation.

Ow, and I fell in love with Ghana and Africa, afresh!
I also got a clearer outlook for another business idea I’ve been nursing.

Esther Chachu