Tedx Euston 2016: A Bold New Normal

Lucy Quist passionately recounts her leadership journey through 3 pivotal years that shaped her from youth to her role as CEO of Airtel Ghana. From learning lessons of survival in 1983 with her family in Ghana to relocating to the continent in 2008, and in 2010 relocating to the DCR (Democratic Republic of Congo) Lucy

Lucy speaks on ‘Restoring Trust in Business Leadership’

Make it your responsibility as a leader to avoid breaking trust. That should be our goal as a business imperative. Restoring trust is extremely hard and sometimes impossible to get back 100%. Trust, ultimately is a human expectation before it is a business imperative.

BBC Power Woman Feature

Lucy Quist was recently featured on BBC’s Power Women series as one of the top business women driving transformational change in Africa.

African Summit on Women and Girls in Technology

Lucy Quist joined leading African women in technology at the African Summit on Women and Girls in Technology held in Accra to discuss and share solutions that will foster policy directions on broadband internet access, women empowerment, and sustainable development.