July 2017

#CHANGINGOURSTORY – The Pan-African Weekend ’17

The Pan-African Weekend is an action-packed three-day event which highlights the achievements and success stories emerging each year from the pan-African diaspora. Lucy Quist joined this year’s event in New York city which was organised to empower, inform, and entertain its audience.

Which trends and facts matter to your career?

When we are starting out in our careers we are mostly grateful to have a job – an opportunity to start on the career ladder. If we have been fortunate, our early career may seem to fully align with our ambition. Sometimes, it may not be the case. Yet no opportunity is wasted – I

Who is the African millennial?

Today I start a series of posts capturing my recent interaction on #TheBoldNewNormal where I specifically focused on millennial careers. What will be some of the key factors that determine sustainable career success for the next generation? As I prepared for the talk I looked up who the world calls a millennial.

THE BOLD NEW NORMAL IN CAREER – A millennial interaction at AIA

The next destination for The Bold New Normal Tour was the Africa Internship Academy, a self-sustaining social enterprise that prepares students and connects leading African employers with diverse qualified talents. Lucy Quist’s interaction, this time focused on building sustainably successful careers by Africa’s millennials in Africa.