Have you ever wondered what it will take to transform each African country into a prosperous nation where each citizen has a real opportunity to thrive? Africa’s narrative has been shaped by a vision of the future that remains bleak. A vision that says a little more is okay for the African. It is time to challenge and change our paradigm of what great outcomes look like for an African country.
It is time for The Bold New Normal of an Africa where citizens of each country genuinely have the opportunity to prosper.
The formula for sustainable prosperity has been tried and tested world over. Why then do we continue to hope that a different method, that has thus far failed the continent, will create sustainable prosperity?
The Bold New Normal is a timely publication that coincides with the
400th anniversary of the start of slavery: the year of return. 400 years since the unravelling of African began, it is time to piece her back together and focus forward. It is surely the time for The Bold New Normal!

  • Why isn't all of how I was made good enough?

    The Bold New Normal
  • African countries must stop begging for everything from foreigners – Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-General, (1997-2006)

    The Bold New Normal
  • Africa, one of the most mismanaged brands in history.

    The Bold New Normal


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