I spent my formative years in both Europe and Africa, an experience which nurtured my socially
adaptable personality. From London to Nigeria and then to Ghana, I was exposed to different
cultures and people at very early stages in my life. My Ghanaian experience began when I was
nine. I had my secondary education at Wesley Girl’s High School in Cape Coast and did my sixth
form in Presbyterian Boy’s Secondary School, Accra where I got ‘thrown in with the boys’.

This period of my life marks the toughest time of my education and one that actually nurtured skills
that proved imperative in my development as a leader in the male dominated business world.
I went on to study engineering at the University of East London graduating with a first class
honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. My choosing to study engineering was
the most natural choice for me. As a little girl I had been taught many engineering skills at home
like fixing fuses and light bulbs by my dad who is an electrical engineer.

My parents had created an environment which made my gender irrelevant, what mattered was my ability and ambition.
Indeed, my entire outlook on life has been shaped by parents who had big dreams for
themselves as well as for their children. My trajectory has come to reflect the passions of a
mother who wanted to see the world and a father, who believed that academic achievements
opened doors to the world.

I joined Ford Motor Company right out of secondary school and was awarded a student
sponsorship which included time out from University to develop more practical engineering skills.
Between studying, working and being the primary guardian of my younger sister, all at the same
time, I rapidly matured and learnt to take on more and more daunting tasks as a young adult.

After ten years in automotive industry I sort fresh challenges and acquired an MBA from INSEAD,
France as a young wife and mother – an experience that initiated me into the world of
successfully juggling family, personal and professional ambitions. I learnt that for my continued
success I needed to ensure a consistent support system.
I ventured into Investment Banking, then later into telecommunication and relocated to Africa
with a family that loves to travel the world.

Personality Behind The Name