The Mobile World Congress 2017

Earlier this month Lucy joined the global meeting of telecom leaders at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where she got the opportunity to explore emerging technology in the industry and interacted with key stakeholders in the international telecom space.

Lucy also had the opportunity to speak on two panels at the congress where she shared her thoughts as a telecom leader, STEM advocate and African Business leader with colleague leaders from other parts of the world.

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Lucy speaks about content and how devices are used to access content in Africa at the Acquire, Aggregate, Partner Session, #MWCAAP.

The topic of discussion was Creating value for Telcos in Content. She shared insight into how mobile and data transformed communication around Ghana’s 2016 Elections. She also stated that the biggest opportunity in the African context is creating content that provides solutions for life, education, health care and financial services solutions.

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Lucy speaks on one of the panels at the #Women4tech Summit to address the issue of gender gap in the mobile industry.

The panel included Rimma Perelmuter (CEO of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF), Mary Clark (Chief Marketing Officer and Chief of Staff at Syniverse), Catherine Ladousse (Executive Director of Communication EMEA at Lenovo) and Christina Miller (President at Cartoon Network). All women offered tangible advice on how to promote women to leadership roles within the industry. They also spoke to convince more women that a career in technology is not only an interesting and dynamic move, but also a viable one.

Lucy contributed three main ideas to reduce the gender gap:  Normalize STEM for girls (and young Africans) through representation and visibility;  Encourage girls (and young Africans) to be willing to have the spotlight on themselves; Communicate their achievements so they will be confident to achieve even more.

Lucy explained eloquently that her perspective is one of “I am her and she is me”. She believes that female leaders should create highways for others, as normalizing behavior will give others the confidence to succeed, stating that

While it’s great to feel special, it’s even better when your achievements as a woman in tech are considered normal.

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Lucy joins the exhibition to explore some emerging technology in the telecom industry.

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