Limitless Campaign (INSEAD)

Limitless is a campaign under INSEAD’s Gender Initiative. It is part of the school’s effort to ‘create and disseminate knowledge that advances women leaders and optimise their contributions within and beyond their organisations’.

Limitless celebrates women who have dared to push beyond their own limits and conquered obstacles in their lives. Lucy Quist was one of the school’s alumna  featured in the campaign to share her story and inspire others to push beyond their boundaries to achieve.

 As the first Ghanaian woman to lead a multinational telecommunications company, I understand the transformative power diversity brings to professional success. This is why I co-founded the Executive Women Network: to inspire, support and empower African women executives to succeed in their careers and create a more equitable world. 

Lucy Quist
Global Business Leader 
TEDx Speaker, STEM Advocate 


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Lucy QuistLimitless Campaign (INSEAD)