I love the word grit. It is all about perseverance and passion for our long term goals. When I hear it I literally think of the many times when determination has meant gritting my teeth just to keep going.

I like running and when I was in school I was a decent long distance runner. The longest race I did was a half marathon. Running a long distance is just like the journeys we take to fulfill our purpose. Whenever I start a race my mind would ask me why on earth I want to endure this. It would take everything in me to continue the put one foot in front of the other; on and on until gradually it would start to feel natural again. Soon I felt like I was flowing in the race. That the movements were natural and I was born to do this. I felt at home.

Then almost suddenly as I get towards the end, I really need grit. I have to grit my teeth and bear the pain I start to feel; the reminder that I am only human. That if I give up now, no one will blame me. After all, how many other people can run this far? I have to go deep inside myself to stay on track.

Do you know what gets me through? Focus! I start to focus on the finish line and how close it is compared to the start line. How it will not be long before I can go all out and have a good rest. And then my energy is multiplied and I run faster that I have run the entire race – give it all I have got.

I think Angela Duckwork does a really good job in describing how grit creates success in this TED talk. Do take a look when you have some time.

Grit, gets us through. It is that stubborn conviction that we have what it takes to succeed. We all have what it takes to succeed. We just need to believe we can. And that belief will give us all the grit we need.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!