Conversations in Boldness [EVENT]

This year we are extending the discussions on #TheBoldNewNormal  through live conversations with millennials.

The live sessions will largely focus on millennials and discuss how business leadership and STEM can be used to create #TheBoldNewNormal. Viewers also get the chance to share their views and what they are doing to create a bold new normal for the future.

Everyone is born with potential that needs to be realised to create the future we all believe in. Our vision is of an Africa where everyone has the chance to prosper right where they find themselves. Together we must create that future.

Join these conversations live from wherever you are by following @Lucyquistofficial on Facebook. The conversations will be held on the dates provided below.


All upcoming events will be indicated here.


Conversation II

TOPIC: ‘Scale Up Ur Start Up’

Guest: Awura Abena Agyeman, Co-founder of Wear Ghana

Read about this conversation here

Watch the full discussion below:

Conversation I

TOPIC: ‘A STEMabled Africa’

Guest: Larisa Bowen-Dodoo, Founder of Levers in Heels

Read about this Conversation here

Watch the full conversation below:

Conversations in Boldness! A STEMabled Africa!

Conversations in Boldness!Today we are discussing a STEMabled Africa. What does that mean to you? What is the role of STEM in creating the bold new normal for Africa where everyone has the opportunity to prosper?Join Larisa and I as we have this conversation!

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Lucy QuistConversations in Boldness [EVENT]

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