Realising Potential

Lucy on The After Work Drinks Club (AUDIO)

  Lucy Quist joins Vanessa Sanyauke for a hearty conversation on building a career, mentoring leaders, gender and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) on The After Work Drinks Club Podcast.

Campaigning for Business Success!

What an inspiring event! The event in question was the Campaigning Summit Switzerland 2018, and I was there to share my experience on how leaders can campaign internally within their organisations to achieve business success.

Enabling African Prosperity through STEM

I am an unashamed advocate for greater participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Corporate experience has taught me that young people insufficiently engage with STEM. While life experience has taught me that we live in an age where the fundamental pillars of sustained prosperity are built on a foundation of STEM.

Lucy’s Conversations in Boldness: A ‘STEMabled’ Africa

Lucy Quist has been on an ambitious journey of inspiring bold actions in Africans through her ‘Bold New Normal’ campaign. The Bold New Normal is the belief that we can create a prosperous continent for all Africans if we visualise the Africa we want, align our words to our vision to inform our mindsets and

Lucy Quist’s African Quest

Business leader and role model, Lucy Quist, shares her story and leadership journey in an interview with Salamander magazine. Lucy shares insights and motivations from her quest to offer an MBA and her move to make impact in Africa through business.

Limitless Campaign (INSEAD)

Limitless is a campaign under INSEAD’s Gender Initiative. It is part of the school’s effort to ‘create and disseminate knowledge that advances women leaders and optimise their contributions within and beyond their organisations’.