Data Science; Building on Coding

My reason for joining the Institute of ICT Professionals Ghana (IIPGH) board was clear – we need to organise ICT professionals and position them as a knowledge source for our growing economy. If that mission could benefit from my experience then I was definitely in.

Lucy on The After Work Drinks Club (AUDIO)

  Lucy Quist joins Vanessa Sanyauke for a hearty conversation on building a career, mentoring leaders, gender and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) on The After Work Drinks Club Podcast.

Enabling African Prosperity through STEM

I am an unashamed advocate for greater participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Corporate experience has taught me that young people insufficiently engage with STEM. While life experience has taught me that we live in an age where the fundamental pillars of sustained prosperity are built on a foundation of STEM.

Faith in the Workplace

On the 10th of February 2018 I had the privilege of sharing my thoughts on ‘Faith in the Workplace’ with Fenchurch Professionals – a Christian professional network based in London. It is a subject close to my heart because my faith is the basis of all I do. All the hope, all the passion and

An Industry Honour!

I received an industry recognition for my role in helping the growth of Ghana’s telecommunications industry.


Someone recently asked me whether I have ever been hiking. As someone who loves to walk my eyes lit up. A long challenging hike is always energising. Then for a moment my mind went to more challenging outdoor activities I have been part of; in particular rock-climbing.

Which trends and facts matter to your career?

When we are starting out in our careers we are mostly grateful to have a job – an opportunity to start on the career ladder. If we have been fortunate, our early career may seem to fully align with our ambition. Sometimes, it may not be the case. Yet no opportunity is wasted – I

Who is the African millennial?

Today I start a series of posts capturing my recent interaction on #TheBoldNewNormal where I specifically focused on millennial careers. What will be some of the key factors that determine sustainable career success for the next generation? As I prepared for the talk I looked up who the world calls a millennial.

My career tips with Jane Egerton-Idehen

  It is always a pleasure to get to share the career experiences I have acquired over the past years with young eager minds who are working to build an illustrious career.