Three Keys to Creating Prosperity in Africa

Lucy Quist (INSEAD MBA ’05J), International Business Leader and Author | September 11, 2019 While each country must find its own path, every leader working on the continent must commit to improving its brand equity. Too many minds are anchored on the notion of Africa as a place of need. To create sustainable prosperity, we need

[SPEECH] Building Science (STEM) in Africa

Lucy Quist delivered the following address at the recently organised Allotey Workshop; a public lecture in memory of Professor Francis Kofi Ampenyin Allotey, Ghanaian mathematical physicist and former President of AIMS Ghana. The event took place in the University of Liverpool and hosted speakers from the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) network like Mama Foupouagnigni – President

Enabling African Prosperity through STEM

I am an unashamed advocate for greater participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Corporate experience has taught me that young people insufficiently engage with STEM. While life experience has taught me that we live in an age where the fundamental pillars of sustained prosperity are built on a foundation of STEM.


Someone recently asked me whether I have ever been hiking. As someone who loves to walk my eyes lit up. A long challenging hike is always energising. Then for a moment my mind went to more challenging outdoor activities I have been part of; in particular rock-climbing.

The Bold New Normal Tour goes to Kumasi

  Lucy Quist joined hands with the Global Shapers Community in Kumasi to bring another interactive talk session to Kumasi’s vibrant youth. This time ‘Leadership’ was the focus of the discussions. Joined by young professionals and students in Kumasi, Lucy Quist discussed how Africa’s millennials can lead the continent to prosperous outcomes.

EVENT – The Bold New Normal Tour

Creating our Bold New Normal It is possible to create a new Africa. An Africa where everyone has the right opportunities to prosper. With new visions, positive utterances and a renewed mindset we can create prosperity. With this mission at heart, Lucy Quist is starting a series of engagements on creating new visions and taking bold steps

#CHANGINGOURSTORY – The Pan-African Weekend ’17

The Pan-African Weekend is an action-packed three-day event which highlights the achievements and success stories emerging each year from the pan-African diaspora. Lucy Quist joined this year’s event in New York city which was organised to empower, inform, and entertain its audience.