Data Science; Building on Coding

My reason for joining the Institute of ICT Professionals Ghana (IIPGH) board was clear – we need to organise ICT professionals and position them as a knowledge source for our growing economy. If that mission could benefit from my experience then I was definitely in.

Lucy on The After Work Drinks Club (AUDIO)

  Lucy Quist joins Vanessa Sanyauke for a hearty conversation on building a career, mentoring leaders, gender and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) on The After Work Drinks Club Podcast.

Enabling African Prosperity through STEM

I am an unashamed advocate for greater participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Corporate experience has taught me that young people insufficiently engage with STEM. While life experience has taught me that we live in an age where the fundamental pillars of sustained prosperity are built on a foundation of STEM.

Faith in the Workplace

On the 10th of February 2018 I had the privilege of sharing my thoughts on ‘Faith in the Workplace’ with Fenchurch Professionals – a Christian professional network based in London. It is a subject close to my heart because my faith is the basis of all I do. All the hope, all the passion and

An Industry Honour!

I received an industry recognition for my role in helping the growth of Ghana’s telecommunications industry.


Someone recently asked me whether I have ever been hiking. As someone who loves to walk my eyes lit up. A long challenging hike is always energising. Then for a moment my mind went to more challenging outdoor activities I have been part of; in particular rock-climbing.

Which trends and facts matter to your career?

When we are starting out in our careers we are mostly grateful to have a job – an opportunity to start on the career ladder. If we have been fortunate, our early career may seem to fully align with our ambition. Sometimes, it may not be the case. Yet no opportunity is wasted – I

Who is the African millennial?

Today I start a series of posts capturing my recent interaction on #TheBoldNewNormal where I specifically focused on millennial careers. What will be some of the key factors that determine sustainable career success for the next generation? As I prepared for the talk I looked up who the world calls a millennial.

My career tips with Jane Egerton-Idehen

  It is always a pleasure to get to share the career experiences I have acquired over the past years with young eager minds who are working to build an illustrious career. 


I had the privilege of doing my MBA at INSEAD. I am honoured that this month I am featured in the alumni magazine. Today I share this article to encourage every young business woman trying to make a life and build a career. I also share it with all the young men who will be

Intellectual Powerhouses (My Visit to Rwanda Part III)

What do you talk about when you meet a class of post-graduate mathematical science students? That was the question that played on my mind when I was invited to spend an evening with the students at the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in Rwanda.

Words for a lifetime!

Sometimes we are mentored by one single statement that makes a lasting impression. Many years ago I had a school mate called Miss F. It was not until I made friends with another lady called Miss G that I would get to know Miss F much better. Through Miss G I got to know Miss

Creating the future! (My Visit to Rwanda Part II)

As I explained in my previous article in this series the last time I visited Rwanda was in 2009. In 2009 I was greeted by a pristine city upon arrival in Kigali. It was not only pristine but also well-organized. As a business person, I was particularly taken by the clarity and transparency of business


My son recently attended a leadership development workshop. When he returned I asked him what the most important lesson of Leadership was from his day away. He thought for a moment and said ‘Resilience! I learnt that to succeed as a leader I need to be resilient’. For a day’s work I thought that was


Realisation, beginnings and hope. Sometimes what we experience as falls are times of strengthening. Down times we need to savour because the next big leap in our journey is approaching. One of my favourite Bible characters is Joseph son of Jacob.

The Push!

Our weaknesses can present opportunities for us to acquire new strengths. If like me you deal with children you would have experienced their amazing world of natural abilities. One aspect of their development I find most fascinating is how they overcome their gaps and develop skills in areas they would rather avoid.


A very happy fathers’ day to all fathers. My wish is a day late but well meant. Yesterday as we celebrated fathers I reflected on parenthood and childhood. Our experiences vary but it is safe to say every parent (adult) has experienced childhood.


Left or right? Forward or sideways. One of the greatest gifts of life is having the option to choose what we do. Sometimes we forget that we have the power to make a choice. We too easily allow ourselves to go with the flow because that is where the wind seems to be blowing.


‘It is not the smartest or the strongest who survive, it is the most adaptable’. I heard this earlier in the week and have pondered the words for days. As I set out cycling on the roads of Accra I was invariably faced with the challenge of navigating some smooth roads and some bumpy roads.

Being Still!

Sometimes in life being still is absolutely what we need to do. If you are an extrovert like me that can be easier said than done. One of the ways in which I have learnt to be more still when needed is to observe and learn from introverts. I know many and I admire their


Realisation, beginnings and hope. At this time of the year I like to take stock of what has been and what is to be. Over the weekend I went back to my book of ideas and aspirations. I have had these kinds of books for years. The most recent one was started in 2010.