BBC Power Woman Feature

Lucy Quist was recently featured on BBC’s Power Women series as one of the top business women driving transformational change in Africa.

The feature positions Lucy Quist as a Ghanaian woman who leads with laughter and focuses on how she helps people see female leaders as less of a novelty.

Aside depicting her as a business leader in meeting with her team at Airtel, the feature also shows her undertaking activities she is passionate about like having a discussion at a radio station on STEM and leadership and visiting Airtel’s the STEM Club at the Mataheko School to interact with the pupils.

Women of Africa is a BBC season recognizing inspiring women across the continent. The third series, Power Women, introduces six women who are chief executive officers or company heads, who are finding success in their country and beyond.

In a short video for social media, Lucy also shares her top 5 life lessons.

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