Speaking at the 2019 McDonald-Currie Lecture: Addressing change leadership on a global stage

Lucy Quist is set to address a global audience on current issues affecting leadership and governance in the world. She will be addressing these issues during the 2019 McDonald-Currie Lectures organized by the Institute for the Study of International Development, McGill University, Canada.

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The distinguished thought leader will share solutions to challenges facing global leadership and development on the 12th of February 2019 in Montreal, Canada. The McDonald-Currie Lectures is an annual event that features leaders from all over the globe who share great insights into international development, marketing, and topics that address global challenges.

Lucy Quist is a renowned speaker who is leading change in the areas of leadership, business, and technology. She has addressed diverse audiences on many prestigious platforms such as Mobile World Congress, Hogan Lovells African Forum and TEDx. She recently shared strong views on the current injustices and inadequacies of world leadership when she addressed the graduating 2018 MBA class at INSEAD, France.

“Despite what you may read, our world is not progressing quickly enough on critical issues of economic equity, environmental protection and the assurance of peace. It’s as though, for all our smarts, we cannot accept each other as worthy of the basics of human lives around the globe; the excess of a few sometimes comes at the expense of many. Yes, our technology is booming but we are leaving too many behind on every single continent. We do not have enough of a critical mass of decision-makers who care enough about these things”

said Lucy Quist.

Lucy Quist addressing the 2018 MBA Class at INSEAD

Lucy Quist is expected to share more insights into these global challenges and how the world can harness great leadership, empathy, and good ethics to create prosperous societies globally. The lecture will be attended by the McGill University community as well as, various players and enthusiasts of international development, leadership, and governance.

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Lucy QuistSpeaking at the 2019 McDonald-Currie Lecture: Addressing change leadership on a global stage