TEDx Accra, Why we should all be generational thinkers

For most people, the mention of Africa takes their attention to the incredible weather and abundant natural resources. Amazing, but there is a bigger picture, a vision of a better and brighter continent because of its people. Believing and investing in the people of Africa makes them resources beyond those we already see.

Among the speakers at the event was Lucy Quist, who shared a compelling story and deep insights into why Africans must all be generational thinkers. She commenced her talk by recounting a trip she embarked on to Dubai where she came across a waitress and engaged her in a conversation. During their conversation, the waitress asked her where she lived and she told her she lived in Ghana. The waitress didn’t really know where Ghana was so Lucy had to describe to her where Ghana was in Africa. And the lady exclaimed, “Ooh Africa” she’d loved to go on a safari in Africa one day. Madam Quist remarked that “Africa is the only continent that is still talked of in the image of its resources and wildlife. A continent where its people are not viewed as their most treasured and prized assets. She added that this perception had to change. She made reference to a statement made by Henry Ford which is “If you ask people what they wanted, they’d have said; faster horses”. Madam Quist added that Henry Ford believed that it was possible for everyone in his country to own a vehicle and not just a wealthy few, as it was at the time, and he was willing to live through and deliver on that dream.

Lucy stressed on the need for Africa to have a vision that defines it beyond its natural resources. She also made reference to how Ghana attained independence before Singapore but Singapore has been able to transform itself into a global powerhouse. She attributed this feat to the power of vision. She then went on to share an inspirational life story about two families.

Watch Lucy’s full talk:

Lucy QuistTEDx Accra, Why we should all be generational thinkers