March 2017


Lucy Quist has been honoured at the maiden Ghana Legacy Awards, alongside 6 other distinguished Ghanaians, for her extraordinary leadership and impact in Corporate Ghana and for her exceptional ability to transform businesses for growth and positive reputation even in the most challenging situations.


My son recently attended a leadership development workshop. When he returned I asked him what the most important lesson of Leadership was from his day away. He thought for a moment and said ‘Resilience! I learnt that to succeed as a leader I need to be resilient’. For a day’s work I thought that was

The Mobile World Congress 2017

Earlier this month Lucy joined the global meeting of telecom leaders at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where she got the opportunity to explore emerging technology in the industry and interacted with key stakeholders in the international telecom space.

#BeBoldForChange – International Women’s Day 2017

  “I don’t believe there’s a glass ceiling, I think that the limitations that particularly women place on themselves are our own mindsets. We haven’t been blessed any less than any human being… But when we decide that we are less capable then we become less capable.” Lucy partook in various events to celebrate Women