April 2016


Left or right? Forward or sideways. One of the greatest gifts of life is having the option to choose what we do. Sometimes we forget that we have the power to make a choice. We too easily allow ourselves to go with the flow because that is where the wind seems to be blowing.


‘It is not the smartest or the strongest who survive, it is the most adaptable’. I heard this earlier in the week and have pondered the words for days. As I set out cycling on the roads of Accra I was invariably faced with the challenge of navigating some smooth roads and some bumpy roads.

The power of ‘we can’!

Africa’s sustainable development can only come from within. Which is why Lucy Quist has been committed to #onlywecan.

TEDx Accra, Why we should all be generational thinkers

For most people, the mention of Africa takes their attention to the incredible weather and abundant natural resources. Amazing, but there is a bigger picture, a vision of a better and brighter continent because of its people. Believing and investing in the people of Africa makes them resources beyond those we already see.